I had the opportunity to supervise and work together with the following students. It is always a great experience to share thoughts about our research topics with our students. Sometimes they learn from our experience, and sometimes we learn to see our research problems in an original, different way thanks to the new point of view they bring.

I wish to thank all the students I had the pleasure to work with.

IUT Projects

ASAWoO project : Jordan Martin, Jonathan Taws, Romain Le Donge, Jehan Pelardy, Arthur Poiret, Nicolas Rouquié...

Master 1 Projects

ASAWoO project : Rémi Desmargez, Guillaume Charmettant, Agathe Grünberg, Christophe Vautrain, Hugo Rossetti, Hady Diallo, Alexandre Bouklhif, Thomas Gondard-Mary, Guillaume Chachuat

Master 2 Thesis

Antoine Richard : Self-Adaptive Software in Smart Environment using Multi-Agents based Learning (2015)

Ahmad Khalil : Optimizing avatars life-cycle in a Cloud infrastructure (2015)

Mohamed Ayache: Étude et implantation d’un modèle de reconnaissance d’intention dans le contexte du Web of Things (2014)

Pierre De Vettor: Context Mediation as a Linked Service (2012)

Amin Mesmoudi: Combining Configuration and Query Rewriting for Web Service Composition (2011)

PhD Thesis

Lara Kallab : Composition automatique de Web services pour une meilleure gestion du bâtiment intelligent (Sept. 2016 - ongoing)

Raphaël Cazenave-Lévèque : Modèles basés graphes pour la médiation sémantique d'information dans le Web des Objets (Sept. 2016 - ongoing)

Mehdi Terdjimi : Multi-level context adaptation in the Web of Things (Oct. 2014 - ongoing)

Mahdi Bennara: Linked Service Integration on the Semantic Web (Sept. 2013 - ongoing)

Pierre De Vettor: Conception of a Service Oriented Architecture for Integration and Exploitation of Linked Data on the Web (May 2013 - Sept. 2016)

Salah-Eddine Tbahriti: A Service-Oriented Approach for Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing (Sept. 2009 - Dec. 2012)